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various music online from Stinky Fish (Modem) on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: stinkyfishlow
Location: Upstream, CA

I am the Senior Editor at Live365. In the past two years I've worked here, I have come across more new music than I have in the entire sum of the rest of my life combined.

Webcasting combines everything I love about the internet with everything I love about music -- the ability to hear a huge array of artists, and meet others who share the same interests.

I made this stream to celebrate the massive potential of the internet to benefit artists, music lovers, and all of the industries that bring us together.

Favorite Broadcasters

Editor's Pucks is my other stream. :)

I check out Church of Girl.

Who knew modes and ragas could be so funky?

Freeform radio at its best, lovingly programmed by Mr. Never himself.

Gets my booty goin.

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