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DJ: Buck P Creacy, Storyteller
Location: Stamping Ground, KY

"I have been a weaver of words since I was 14 years old, telling stories at Slim's Barbershop while I shined shoes and made folks laugh back home in Farmington, N. Mexico where I grew up." Buck P. Creacy is a humorist and a storyteller and he uses humor to make life better for his audience. It was while shining shoes at the barbershop, he realized he could shine more shoes if his customers were laughing. He also realized that by making life better for others; he could make life better for himself. Born in Borger, Texas, an oil field boomtown, his family followed the oil; Farmington is an oil town too. "I love the connection I enjoy with my audience and their own imaginations." An “honest to God” humorist, Buck shares both wit and wisdom with children and the international corporate world alike. His humor is never mean-spirited though his sense of the funny stuff in our world is very sharp. "I love drawing their faces and hearts into the story, my world; our world's oldest art." Choosing to make his humor “safe” for any audience, Buck sees the world just a little differently and just different enough to make you laugh aloud. Having spoken, told and shared his stories at over 98 companies in Kentucky alone including; GTE Sylvania (six times) , Texas Instruments (nine times), Toyota (15), Hitachi (twice), Corning Glass (four), Osram Lighting (5), Buck is very comfortable with any size audience and the list of happy customers goes on. On Sunday, April 20, 2008, Buck told his stories on XM Satellite Radio Channel 171, America’s First Trucker Channel. For an hour, on Marcia Campbell’s #1 rated primetime Sunday morning radio, he told his gentle funny stories to an estimated audience of over 3,000,000 truck drivers. For the last 10 minutes, he fielded phones calls from lots of drivers who wanted to talk about how the stories affected them. This radio station is for storytellers to share their stories.
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