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I am DJ Hollywood, a life long lover of music. I am one of the co-owners of Studio1g along with DJ Funkmaster, we have brought our talents together with a hard-working staff to provide our listening family the love that is in the power of music. My business partner and I both are former military members and have worked in corporate america for fortune 500 companies. In our travels we have been exposed to a myriad of musical talents. This station is to pay homage to the love, joy, and power of music. Professionally,I have worked in the Online Industry in advertisement, marketing, and sales. As well as serving in many other business capacities such as operations, management, client services, recruiting training and counseling. DJ Funkmaster and I do this because, we firmly believe that we touch our listeners with our music and our message. We want to make them feel something good about this life and world we share. We want to inspire as many people as we can and make their time with Studio1g special and memorable. We would like our musical selections to permeate through our audience so that they feel as if the artist is performing the songs just for them. We want to connect with our online station family and share the musical soulful emotion of life. Please come travel the musical nuances with us, if you listen to Studio1g and like our format and sound consider becoming a VIP member of our station. We would like to hear from you, email us your thoughts and musical requests, support us in our endeavors to provide the music and message that makes you feel good. As always your, DJ Hollywood

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This station is dedicated to the human spirit that brings us together regardless of race, creed, color, or religious background through the powerful source of music which God has enable us to enjoy!!! For there are many sports, walks of faiths, and even languages, but only the culture of music communicates and highlights that common denominator called "peace". It is that brings us together like no other source of bonding!!! If you would like to become a future sponsor of our programming please contact us as we grow into the future and we will get back to you as soon possible. Also, if you are interested in assuming airplay for you or your band contact us at ( for more music information only. And again don't forget to create an account to preset us to your desktop as well as rate us!!! P.S. Don't Forget To Thank A Vet!!! Pray For Those Who Are In Harms Way. This program is supported in part by "Beyond The Burden Counseling Services" for all your social, family, corporate and marriage needs. (757) 773-9511 or at (ISSUESSOLVER@aol) Counseling inquiries only at this address!!! Also we would like to welcome Music 1G music consultants as part of out team to assist in providing the best music exposure as well as network systems available to our fans, producers, musicans, singers, artist, speakers and the entertainment community at large. Please feel free to contact them at ( for more information and please continue the let us know how we are doing!!! God Bless and pray for World Peace while thanking anyone who fought and marched during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's helping give voice, hope, inspiration, and freedom for everyone regardless of race, creed or color because we all belong the human race whether you believe it or not!!! (Happy Holidays, Please don't drink and drive and most of all stay safe!!!. Try to Bless someone you don't know this year even if it's a simple but powerful Word Of Prayer)