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DJ: Todd
Location: Arvada, CO

I am someone who has been interested in radio since I was young. In 1987, my friend Jack and I pretended to take over a radio station and play music we wanted to hear because the radio stations in town weren't playing what we wanted to hear. So we got a cassette tape and recorded ourselves 'broadcasting'. This was my first radio station, KWRS. So throughout high school my friend and I would 'broadcast' from around the nation, making tapes and sending them to our friends with the music we liked to play. This love of radio took me to college where I majored in it at Fort Hays State University. The campus radio station was one of my favorite things to do in college (along with other things, I was in a fraternity.) After college I worked at KHOW, KKFN, and WGAA before I realized that I wasn't going to make it in real world radio. I couldn't and wouldn't stab people in the back to get ahead. So I got out of radio as a profession, but my love of radio has never died. My friend in Hays, KS started an online radio station, I decided to look it up and see how hard it would be to start one. I found and BAM! Surly Butterfly Radio was born. I am looking to create a radio station for everyone, music, information, and just some fun! Radio now days is very cookie cutter, very canned. I'm looking to change that. Give us a listen. I know you will like it.
Favorite Artists

Freddie Mercury, one of the most powerful voices in Rock and Roll.

Van Halen
DLR great showman.

Van Hager (Halen)
Got to love the Red Rocket's time with the Van Halen Brothers.

One of the first albums I bought, Frontiers.

First concert I ever when to.

Favorite Albums

Queen - A Kind of Magic
Basically the 'Highlander' soundtrack. Great songs on it.

Van Halen - 5150
How many 1 off this album? Enough said.

Queen - The Works
One of my favorite songs ever on it, Radio Gaga.

Roger Waters - Radio KAOS
This album is amazing, can't explain it, you just have to hear it.

Pink Floyd - The Wall
Well, dur.