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About the Station

Surly Butterfly Radio, a potpourri of musical tastes. 50s to today, we play them all. We find music you may have never heard of. We cut deep, no Top 40 here.

About todd

I am someone who has been interested in radio since I was young. In 1987, my friend Jack and I pretended to take over a radio station and play music we wanted to hear because the radio stations in town weren't playing what we wanted to hear. So we got a cassette tape and recorded ourselves 'broadcasting'. This was my first radio station, KWRS. So throughout high school my friend and I would 'broadcast' from around the nation, making tapes and sending them to our friends with the music we liked to play. This love of radio took me to college where I majored in it at Fort Hays State University. The campus radio station was one of my favorite things to do in college (along with other things, I was in a fraternity.) After college I worked at KHOW, KKFN, and WGAA before I realized that I wasn't going to make it in real world radio. I couldn't and wouldn't stab people in the back to get ahead. So I got out of radio as a profession, but my love of radio has never died. My friend in Hays, KS started an online radio station, I decided to look it up and see how hard it would be to start one. I found and BAM! Surly Butterfly Radio was born. I am looking to create a radio station for everyone, music, information, and just some fun! Radio now days is very cookie cutter, very canned. I'm looking to change that. Give us a listen. I know you will like it.