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70s music online from The SAHBandwidth on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: swmpsnake
Location: North Canton, OH

Back in the middle of the last decade of the last milennium, webpages sometimes listed music the author listened to while HTMLing. In the fall of '95, I was looking for a link to the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and found none, so I had to do something about that. In the course of researching the tribute page I discovered many rare, unreleased and bootleg Harvey tunes. With the backing of the current band, The Sensational Alex Harvey Bandwidth is a way of sharing the unique phenomenon that is the Sensational Alex Harvey - and his band.
Favorite Artists

Alex Harvey and his Soul Band
First to rock Scotland, first to use "Soul" in reference to R&B band

Alex Harvey
Solo folkie, with brother Leslie on accoustic guitar

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - the name says it all

Tear Gas
SAHB before Alex -- to be continued, as Teargas 2004 is launched...

Favorite Albums

Alex Harvey - Considering the Situation
The definitive Alex Harvey compilation

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next...
Arguably, the best SAHB album...

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Live
Arguably, the other choice for best SAHB album

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer
Sampler compilation -- great intro to SAHB

Favorite Broadcasters

Great Scots rock station!

Search "Alex Harvey", this comes up -- sounds good!

An eclectic mix, indeed...

More great '70s stuff

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