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freeform music online from Outsight Radio Hours on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Tom Schulte
Location: Detroit, MI

YAHOO: tearaway2
Like you, I love music and not just one kind. The Outsight Radio Hours is your chance to tune in, log on and join in controlling one of the most eclectic Internet Radio programs that will ever be? What you feel like talking about? Zappa? Ellington? Gamelan music? What do you want to hear? Yodeling cowboys? Lightning quick bluegrass? Drunk punks with guitars? The extensive Outsight library is ready to answer your call. Outsight is your forum for music discussion through the Tearaway chat room (where the host is ever present) and excellent listening entertainment through streaming Real Audio. Your host, Tom Tearaway, is a nationwide music journalist and broadcast air host of over ten year's experience. Tom doesn't follow the charts and he's not locked into only one style of music.
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