DJ Profile
japanese music online from J - CLASSIX on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: koorii
Location: NJ

Wuz up my name is Cory. I've been listening to live365 for years and have been wanting to make a station for a while. I could have done a lot of different genres but I chose vintage Japanese music because a) my collection was really growing and b) I don't see a lot of stations playing this music. I'm really enjoying sharing my collection with people from all over the world and hope to keep growing the station.
Favorite Artists

Chiyo Okumura
She's made tons of groovey Japanese music.

The Peanuts
I never knew what awesome songs they had. I just knew them as the Mothra Fairies from Godzilla but now I know they are so on the money and made great records.

Maaya Sakamoto
Looove her.

Favorite Broadcasters

Paradigm City; one of the best anime radio stations around!

Prepare to fill your wishlist with Radio Eigekai Phantom24. Sick psychadelic tunes from around the world!

Hong Kong Vintage Pop. Its VIP now but it's a great station of Chinese music from the 80s.

DJ of EMjoy. Awesome selection of chillout music. Great for relaxing or get togethers. I'm always adding songs to my wishlist when I listen to EMjoy.

Michiko Ota
J1 Radio - Japanese pop. A leader in current J-pop online radio.