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seasonal/holiday music online from Holiday Moods on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: the_music_elf
Location: San Francisco, CA

I'm just a guy who likes Christmas and Holiday music. I've set up this station to share some of my favorites (and some not-so-favorites) with my friends and family. Anyone else who enjoys it is welcome to listen too.
Favorite Artists

Julie London
Voice Like Smoke or Silk. Pure seduction.

These 12 guys based in San Francisco have perfected the art of the male chamber chorus. Their music stirs the soul. They're even better live.

Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli
Remarkable antiphonal writing for brass and voices from 15th & 16th century Venetian uncle/nephew team.

Anonymous 4
Four(obviously) women who have revived interest in early music for women's voices. There was more going on than Hildegard von Bingen. I was extremely fortunate to hear them live at Spivey Hall.

The Swingle Singers
OK.. they can be a little campy and dated. But there's more to them than a puny name.

Favorite Albums

Christmas Cocktails I and II - Various Artists
The music we thought was old-fashioned schlock is getting some fresh respect. I guess all those martinis put them in the holiday spirit.

Handel's Messiah - John Eliot Gardiner with the English Baroque Soloists and the Monteverdi Choir
Everyone has heard bits and pieces, at least the ubiquitous "Hallelujah Chorus." Modern performance has super-sized the chorus to Morman Tabernacle proportions. This recording takes it back to the way Handel intend for the music to sound.

JS. Bach's Christmas Oratorio - John Eliot Gardiner with the English Baroque Soloists and the Monteverdi Choir
Seriously, I have yet to hear a recording from this group that has not astounded me with its clarity, skill, and beauty. Unfortunately, very few listeners recognize it as Christmas music.

The World Sings - The Empire Brass
The Empire Brass blends an exquisite brass choir with exotic percussion. They are particularly skilled with modal music.

Christmas in the Morning, a Celebration in Brass - Canadian Brass, Michael Laird Brass Ensemble, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
This compilation has cuts from a PJBE vinyl album which was my favorite Christmas vinyl in the 80s. It's particularly interesting to compare and contrast different brass choirs.

Favorite Broadcasters

Radio Praetoria has a pleasing mix of new age, ambient and world music.

He may be the competition, but hey... it's all about the music, not competition.

He provides a good mix of a capella holiday music.

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