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Live talk show that provides assistance and guidance on a closer relationship with God. Along with healing the sick and helping people with prayers and advice. Showing how Jesus is here for everyone to enjoy and the Holy Spirit is waiting to help them.

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Welcome to "THE ABIDING PRESENCE", this Internet radio show is designed to provide all who make a simple choice to listen. A place to understand and find ways to improve their relationship with God. Prayers do work , if you understand how to pray and why you pray. This world that appears to be natural is actually unnatural to our spirit.Jesus paid the ultimate price for our salvation.We are all free because of his sacrifices. Jesus blood has washed away all our sins.It is a waste of time to feel sad or feel regret for your mistakes. God has already forgiven you before you were born for all your transgressions. What is natural for your spirit is to be free to have a great relationship with Christ. A relationship that enjoys God's love and shows you His grace. A grace that allows your spirit to enjoy life and not be burdened by guilt or sorrow.That is natural, only things of this world are unnatural to our own spirit. Supernatural is a term that is foreign to God. What is so special about a Father loving His child ? Providing safety and love along with guidance. The fact that such a premise is foreign to so many is truly tragic . Think for a moment about this. We are made in His image, all sins are forgiven ,His son died for our salvation and redemption ! Why should you not have a wonderful relationship with such a parent ? That is unnatural in it self ! Yet worshiping and communicating with such a parent who loves us all so much. That is truly natural to our spirit. This world is full of trouble and drama, that is unnatural. God's love is everlasting and has no limits and boundaries, that is natural for your spirit.There is no supernatural wen it comes to God. Just a Father loving is child... Join us to learn how to improve your own relationship with God. Enjoy the pleasure of witnessing prayers being answered ! Pray to Jesus and see how the Holy Spirit has been with you your entire life . All you had to do was to relax, and open your mind and heart to receive his love and help.. Welcome to " THE ABIDNG PRESENCE " with your host Jim Hockaday....