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TheBassment.Com Underground Hip Hop Radio, New Songs, Classics, Unreleased, Live Mixshows, Move.Meant and more!

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Thanks to EVERYONE that voted to make TheBassment Hip Hop the #1 Hip Hop station on Live365!

TheBassment is was started by Spider almost 10 years ago on college radio and 5 years ago on the internet, and is now run by Spider & DJ Steve1der, the Los Angeles Regional Winners of the Scion Free Up Your Mix Contest.
Thanks for all the support! We're streaming the best new and unreleased underground hip hop, and you know we didn't forget about the classics! The live mixshow has slowed down lately, but we will be coming back strong next month with new mixshows. We also do 2 mixshows for & so check that out.
I'm all about good music, so that's all you'll hear. Come to our website for mixshow archives & downloads, info, and more...

Check out my hip hop group Move.meant at or try to catch us live performing all over L.A. and beyond, we just got back from Colorado and will hopefully be on tour in the fall of '05... We also have 2 songs in the movie CRASH with 1 song on the soundtrack and songs in Joan of Arcadia and The Real World.

My Mixtape "Pay Dues & Break Even" is now available, come to to check it out!

Listen to The Bassment beacuse the Best Music comes from Underground!

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Yo! This is the Spider.. so you wanna know about my station?!
The Bassment started as a college radio show in 1996 on KSUN 91.5 at Sonoma State and has now been broadcasting on the internet since 2000. I put the website up to broadcast and archive all of my radio shows and to help promote underground artists. I live in L.A. (born & raised) and DJ at various spots, including Circle Bar in Venice on the 3rd Monday of every month and Tantra in Silverlake with DJ Steve1der on Saturday nights. I'm also the DJ in a DOPE hip hop group called Move.meant with Champ (MC) and producer JustBeats, Check our website at, We've got a 12" single out "The Rebirth" b/w "Heather" along with an EP, and a new 12" "Good Money" b/w "Move on" & "Problems" along with an upcoming EP and our forthcoming album "The Scope of Things" so please support us and buy our music along with all the other artists on the station. I also DJ and make some beats for a group representin' Project Blowed called Cypha 7 outta Los Angeles, along with working with Crush One, Trek-Life, Bias, Self Sounds and more.

Come to for mixshow archives & downloads, info, and more...
Listen to The Bassment beacuse the Best Music comes from Underground!

Thanks for the Support,