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Kevin Hunter, David Ford, Jeffrey O'Brien, and Allyson Lindstrom on TBFS Business Talk Radio. We share the successes and challenges of business people from every business type, and great tips from our business savy hosts! The Top Business Talk Show today!

About Kevin Hunter

Hi, I'm Kevin Hunter. I host The Business Forum Show (TBFS Radio) with David Ford and several other broadcast partners. I first started the show in late 1999 in Michigan. It was clear that business people didn't communicate with each other very effectively, an aspect that could have made the difference between success and failure for many. It was obvious something needed to be done. TBFS Radio became a catalyst for sharing the stories and elements of success, and sharing with the business community at large. Today, we actively engage with our audiences through our daily radio broadcasts, at business expos, business networking events, and Chamber of Commerce lunch-and-learn seminars we offer. Whether you are a small business owner, or run a large company, many of the problems are the same. From social media, to sales and marketing, to understanding profit and loss statements, business owners have a full plate of things to focus on to create a successful business. TBFS Radio is here to help you understand that you're not alone, and help is available to those who realize they need it and ask for it. What's unique about The Business Forum Show from other business talk radio? We aren’t reporting business news or talking about what happened in the stock market today. We talk about the character of our business guests, and share the behind-the-scenes challenges and difficulties they've endured on their journey to success. As a result of this interaction, our cast has been in and out of thousands of different companies competing in multiple markets. Regardless of what your business model is, it’s likely we’ve seen it employed in many other businesses and understand both the strengths and weaknesses of your plan, so we understand you. Beyond the daily sweat and tears owners invest in their companies, we’ve seen some of the most unique companies, run by some of the most amazing business owners. The common thread with this group of owners is that many of them are breaking all the ‘traditional rules’ of business. Do you have any idea what unreasonable limits you might have you placed on your own success? It’s time to find out. Tune in today. TBFS Radio. We're here to help.