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DJ: Kenaz
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Kenaz -def'n An Opening One's knowledge and capabilities, vision and guidance. Relationship Interpretation: Learning from each other. When you are in the darkness, an opening with light is the best and most gracious thing to have bestowed upon you. This is a great time for putting energies into new opportunities. Meditation revolves around seeing out of seemingly dark situations for there is a way out of every situation. Focus on what the action is and invest energies into breaking through. This philosophy of eternal well being is one that I live, breath and strive to achieve everyday that I am placed on this planet. I find the quickest way to shed light on the dark corners of life is to immerse yourself in sounds that soothe the savages of life. Plainly put, with "The Eternal Kenaz" I wish share my love of the sounds of a bygone but not forgotten era when the legends of radio allowed us too escape to a magical land of great happiness. So come along and enjoy the trip back.
Favorite Artists

John Coltrane
What else can you say, he was the master.

Tragically Hip
Unabashed Canadiana. Music for the blue colour worker to get up and say "ya".

Billy Holliday
Lady Bird was the blues.

Hank Williams
The original bad ass.

Shania Twain
Canada's queen of country and the hottest star in gallaxy.

Favorite Albums

Hank Williams - 40 Greatest Hits
Like blues legends Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, country titan Williams was blazing the rock & roll trail long before Elvis Presley stepped up to the mike at Sun Records in Memphis in 1954. But it wasn't until this package was released in 1978 that the rock crowd got hip to the danger and poetry in Williams' voice and songs

Johnny Cash - At Fulsom Prison
By the late sixties, Cash was ignored by country radio and struggling for a comeback. At Folsom Prison was a million-seller that reignited his career.Backed by a tough touring band, including fellow Sun Records alum Carl Perkins on guitar, Cash guffaws his way through "Cocaine Blues," "25 Minutes to Go" (a countdown to an execution), "I Got Stripes" and "Folsom Prison Blues." The 2,000 inmates roar their approval.

CCR - Green River
a tightly wrapped package of blistering guitar, roadhouse-rhythm snap and John Fogerty's backwoods howl.

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Coltrane's majestic, often violent blowing (famously described as "sheets of sound") is never self-aggrandizing.

Muddy Waters - The Anthology 1947-72
The thick, bleeding tones of his slide work anticipated rock-guitar distortion by nearly two decades. Influencing the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Kieth Richards.

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