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freeform music online from Happy Smoker Trax on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: The Happy Smoker
Location: Havndal, Denmark

I get pissed off by suits telling me they know what music I like, based on sales to 14-year-olds, so I decided, with the help of live365 to do something about it. More about me ? Why would you ? Well, okay then, you can try if you want to. No guarantees. But why not just stay here, and enjoy the music ?
Favorite Artists

Frank Zappa
he was a fuckin' genius

Capt. Beefheart
He associated with genius

Viv Stanshall
A raving nutter

Bryan Ferry
He knows what he's doing (usually)

Too many to list

Favorite Albums

Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
The first Zappa album I bothered to listen to

Bonzo Dog Band - Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse
Listen, and you'll know why I'd want this one

Prince (or squiggle or whatever it is now) - Come
Close enough for jazz

Stan Getz - Jazz Samba
Too sweet

All the others - All the others
What would I do without them ? Do desert islands have electricity ?

Favorite Broadcasters

They know what they're doing (if you can find them) - but it doesn't show !

A couple of Swedes who seem to know their stuff, and want to share it.

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