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Tunes Ma' can hum along with, while I show you my ditties. Your Lucky Bag Mix. Get lucky with every track. Rock. Jazz. Classical. Pop. Blues. Other old junk. It's all Here ! I'm not ! ! ! ! ! !

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I get pissed off by suits telling me they know what music I like, based on sales to 14-year-olds, so I decided, with the help of live365 to do something about it. More about me ? Why would you ? Well, okay then, you can try http://www.thehappysmoker.bravehost.com/ if you want to. No guarantees. But why not just stay here, and enjoy the music ?

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I like quality, good memories, and I'm a sucker for a cheap hook(er), so you are likely to find bits of everything from jazz to classical music, 'though mainly it's rock-based. Like genre, the popularity (or lack of same) of a piece of music is not something which I consider an indicator of anything at all, so I try to ignore it (but don't expect too many rapping cowboys). I actually LIKE the stuff I play, and I hope you will too. I don't do live broadcasts, and you can be glad about that ! I have friends and family all over the world, so 24/7 seems to be the best way for me to do it, if I want them to hear it at times when they're free to do so. Let's hope you join them. As for updating, I've been pretty lax about it until now, but I've decided to change my ways.Yeah, right ! Now that it's been running for a few years I've noticed that some of you put "Happy Smoker Trax" in your presets (which is great), a few put it in as your favourite station (which is even greater - if a bit weird), but it's not enough ! TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT. RATE the station, as well as the individual trax - (I'm not looking for honesty here, just a top score for EVERY track.) It won't have any effect, but it's a pleasant ego stroker. Tell me what you like about it - peter@thehappysmoker.net - (BTW I am in favour of Payola, just send loads of money, goodies and the track you want me to play) - and when you do so, mention "live365" in the subject-line, so that I don't treat your message as spam. I REALLY want to hear from you. Peace, love and beads Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting