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DJ: hooligan
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL

Hi. My name chris AKA Hooligan! I am from south florida, I am vision & hearing impaired but just because I'm handicape dosn't mean I can't enjoy music. I love metal, hard rock, and classic rock. I do enjoy some lighter form of music from time to time but metal and rock are my favorites. I don't get out much due to being unable to drive and getting a ride to anywhere is sometimes a drag. anyway that's enough from me, enjoy the great music and support the stations by either buy a vip membership or spread the word about te saw.
Favorite Artists
Favorite Albums

AC/DC - Back In Black
fantastic Album

Kiss - Dynasty
say what you want about this album but it was my first kiss album I ever own on tape when I was a kid

Guns N' Roese - Appetite For Destrution
a ckassic hard rock album

Dio - Holy Diver
fbe first time I ever heard Ronnie James Dio is this band and this album. great dabute album

Dokken - Tooth And Nails
a great album. yeah it 80's hair metal but this album rocks

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