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DJ: The Humor Mill
Location: Hollywood, CA

AIM: 323-410-1745
The Humor Mill was born as the brain child from Frank Holder, because of the lack of urban comedy on the radio. It's also an outlet for those who want to hear stand up comedy on the radio but don't have the satellite capabilities, and just want to laugh. This is an outlet to not only hear some of the best in stand up comedy, but to also hear from some of the newest faces in the game. The comedy field is growing, and we plan to keep the listener abreast of all of what's happening in the comedy and entertainment industry! Frank Holder is currently the founder and publisher of The Humor Mill, which is not only this station, but a website and an on line digital magazine and web series. Holder is also planning on a television show that will broadcast Humor Mill TV, which is an urban version of what's happening in and around Hollywood. (You can see the latest video interviews/red carpets on YouTube under The Humor Mill. The Humor Mill is the best in urban stand up, sketches, prank phone calls and celebrity interviews. If you want some of the news of what's happening in the industry, please visit the website at or follow us on Twitter @thehumormill!