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electronic/dance music online from The Listening Lounge. Com on Live365 Internet Radio
I've loved music since before I could talk - my parents ALWAYS had music on in the house and took me to music festivals EVERYWHERE; so it seems natural that I have been in radio for over 10 years! I love to travel worldwide and soak up other cultures - music should NOT be limited by genre or geographic boundaries, so I'm blending it together for all to enjoy. So I search for FUNKY MUSIC From around the WORLD...Africa, Asia, The Americas, The Caribbean, Europe, everywhere it's good - to play on my radio show, "The Listening Lounge with Alysia Cosby"! Thanks for enjoying this FUNKY blend of Soul, Funk, Lounge, Cape Verdean, Brazilian, Jazz and other International GROOVES, here in The Listening Lounge!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!
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