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DJ: themusicarchivist
Location: Cincinnati, OH

I have been collecting music for 35 years and now is my chance to share the wealth. The reason I started this station was to turn people on to some really incredible musicians that you would probably never hear otherwise. Listening and collecting music is more than a hobby to me. It is an obsession! I am on a quest to save music one listener at a time! So sit back and let the music soak into your scalp. It might burn a bit but it is just the medication working it's magic
Favorite Artists

Daevid Alllen (gong)
Daevid Allen is the most talented unknown musician, poet, guitarist on the planet (Gong)! If it was not for him and Steve Hillage there would not be bands like Ozric Tentacles and Eat Static.

Simon Posford
He is the man behind Shpongle and Hallucinogen. Along with his partner, Raja Ram , he is the one pushing the boundries of goa-trance.

Frank Zappa
His guitar playing is brillant and his lyrics are biting and satarical.

Jerry Garcia
His music changed my life and helped me thru art school and beyond

Adrian Belew
Best known for his guitar acrobatics but he can play any instrument you throw at him. His music/groups go from totally sappy pop (The Bears) to very complicated math rock (King Crimson).

Favorite Broadcasters

moe. 24/7!

Prog Rock!!

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More Live stuff!

Homeboy Radio Cincinnati!

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