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soundtracks music online from ~Planet Soundtrack~ on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: theplanets
Location: Waco, TX

I am a computer trainer who likes to listen to music while he's at his desk. I created the Brandon Island station to build traffic for my web page.
Favorite Artists

John Wiliams
Star Wars - Jurassic Park - Home Alone - The Witches of Eastwick

James Horner
Batteries Not Included - Willow

Jerry Goldsmith
Inner Space - Mulan

Klaus Badelt
Gladiator (With Hans Zimmer)- The Time Machine- Pirates of the Caribbean -

Maurice Jarre
Moon over Parador

Favorite Broadcasters

Streaming Soundtracks
Lots and lots of variety -- Tracks are chosen by listeners, so it changes all the time.

The music is less background music and more music that goes somewhere

Sci-Fi Talk
Lots of great information about Sci-Fi and fantasy movies and TV shows.

Also a good amount of Variety

Well-rounded play list

Cool Links