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DJ: Dottie
Location: Southeast, TX

I'm Dottie.. anyone who knows me remembers me mainly from my years on the air at KWIC 108 the ROCK. I have over 20 years in radio.. got out because it got too corporate and have been hounded ever since by people asking "when are you going to get back on the air?" Well.. technology has finally caught up with ME lol it's allowed me to do radio the way it was when I started. So here I am.. starting a station the way I did years ago when it was still fun and you had to actually have talent to be on the air. We're just getting this thing started so bear with us as we work through the kinks and get it all together. We will be going live and I WILL be on the air! That's coming SOON! And the plan is to have other jox on the air as well soon. Lot's of cool stuff in the works for you.. if you remember KWIC, a lot like that only better and if you don't.. just trust me.. it'll be good ;) Keep your eyes on this page for updates as well as on our facebook page for updates and information and . As well as a way for you to give us feedback. Looking forward to bringing kick ass rock back!
Favorite Artists

A Perfect Circle
They're amazing..

Pink Floyd
My childhood memories are burned by Floyd lol

Who doesn't love Zep? They're sick and in need of help!

Classic stuff.. you can't pick up Sabbath and not go "oh yeah.. I love that"

Alice in Chains
That first album was so friggin awesome.. how could you pick a favorite.. every song was great..

Favorite Albums

Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
How could it not be a fave.. I wore the grooves off of countless copies

Qeensryche - Operation Mindcrime
Geoff Tate.. need I say more? Those vocals are beyond belief!

Alice in Chains - Facelift
Not on song on here that isn't great

Joni Mitchel - Court and Spark
A classic... it's an amazing album and still a favorite

Zeppelin - Boxed Set
Hey.. I know I cheated so sue me lol who can pick a favorite Zep album?