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DJ: The Sisco Kid
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Mike here, I love music in all its forms, but I love ROCK the most. However, the rock scene is for some reason slowly going off the radar here in the Big Apple. After K-Rock went to POP of all things, I decided its time to get involved and save whats left of the ROCK music scene around here by making The House Of Rock (THOR, Get it?)Web Radio. Now me and a few of my friends are looking to rock your world too! If you like rock from the classics to the latest releases, and from power ballads, to metal, to grunge you are in the right place! Because we are a private station over the Internet, were not restricted to what some program director wants, we can play what YOU want to hear, and in its original form. no cuts, no bleeps, 100% as-is! Make you want to crank it up all the more doesnt it? Your welcome! About me, Music is my daily bread and butter! I'm a Karaoke DJ working out of Brooklyn, NY and have been for some 10 years now. While I don't restrict my music at karaoke, you would find my catalog of over 15,000 tracks is heavy in the rock department! If your coming to NY, hit me up for some karaoke too! Most of all, THOR Radio is about our listeners, we really want YOU to have the best Rock experience you can. So request a song today!
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