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Blazin guitars scorch the airwaves on THE RIPPER! In just one year The Ripper has become one of the top metal music stations on because of it's dedication to playing all types of metal music. See for yourself, check it out right now!!

About ThunderB

I put this all together for you Headbangers out there who can't get enough of this type of music. I'm here to save you from boring FM radio. I'm just a regular guy who plays the Bass guitar and plays alot of the music you hear here. If you like what your hearing tell others and give me positive feedback to RIP this thing up!! Tell everyone you know about THE RIPPER on live365 internet radio. Unsigned Bands, send me your Music and If I like it, you'll hear it in the regular rotation. E-mail me any suggestions to make this the #1 metal station on the Internet! Bands I need to add, and bands that need to go? LET LIFE RIP! Thank you for listening to THE RIPPER!!!!!!