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new wave music online from 80s Music Connection on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: The Tiffmeister
Location: Silicon Valley, CA

So, back in the 80s, there was a time I actually was a DJ on a local college radio station. I also worked at a club in the area called One Step Beyond. I now finally get to live the dream of programming my own station-the 80s New Wave Way. Currently, I'm a teacher in the area, tormenting 4th graders during the day with knowledge. Recently, I got hitched and discovered there is life after marriage. And he's English too. I blame Duran Duran.
Favorite Artists

Reformed and going strong!

Duran Duran
What can I say, but 1984, was a good year to be part Duranie.

New Order
Always the most awesome dance music band EVER!

Depeche Mode
Well, their Depeche!

Mylene Farmer
French artist that I also adore. She started in the 80s, but isn't tech. new wave. However, I do have a website...

Favorite Broadcasters

The guy in charge of running The Quake station on Live365. Gotta give'em credit for having the balls to bring back the cutting edge radio stations killed by commericalism. Seems like all areas had them...this was the best!

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