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50s music online from Country Fried Hot Rod on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: tiki_kiliki2
Location: hollywood, FL

YAHOO: tiki_kiliki
Howdy!! Just a rockabilly gal at heart with some country swing mixed in. I enjoy Rockabilly Weekenders, old Ranch Party videos, and learnin' about the outlaws in country & western music. Grab your kitten or your cat, clear the floor and start dancin'! Email me if you'd like to be added to my mailing list for station and profile updates!
Favorite Artists

Buck Owens
He's the King of Country!! Buck always puts me in a great frame of mind!

Patsy Cline
There will never be another like her.

Willie Nelson
A true outlaw!

Spade Cooley
Ok, so he killed his wife. That was years after this guy helped establish western swing! Give him a break.

Johnny Cash
The man in black! He's truly the most amazing musician who ever lived!

Favorite Albums

Leni Okehu and His Surfboarders - Hawaiian Holiday
Great tunes to watch the sunset by.

Patsy Cline - Greatest Hits
She makes crying easier.

Various Artists - Polynesia!
The best Hawaiian record I've ever heard!

Hank Williams Sr. - any
The other King of Country!

Les Baxter - Taboo!
Island paradise.

Favorite Broadcasters

John Holmes would be proud! Porn tunes for your listening PLEASURE!

Love this guys mix!

Vegas Vic
True Exotica

Punk,Punk, and some Buck Owens thrown in!

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