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DJ: djtimba876
Location: Brooklyn, NY

This station is dedicated to sharing some great "new" music from Cuba: Timba, timba, and more timba ..... My hope is that this music will become more popular, and along with it a style of salsa dancing called casino. If you are interested in learning how to dance to timba/cuban salsa, please send email to: For comments, suggestions, music requests and upcoming events in the NYC area, email: Also, check out our website at So, for all you casineras and casineros, this station is for you! Btw, some information on "what is timba?" can be found at this link - "...Dance in context..." Dewane
Favorite Artists

Manolito y su Trabuco
Funkiest band ever.

Paulito, F.G.
B-Boy style

Los Van Van

La Charanga Habanera
Hard core timba

Azucar Band

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