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This is an exploration into a variety of electronic music to chill out to, meditate, wind down, or whatever.

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For the past two years or so, I was introduced and have been addicted to everything under the broad umbrella of electronic music. I started out by coming to Live365 as a listener just like any of you. Then I scoured any source I could find to build my library. I consider myself a fan, collector, and now a purveyor of this music. The goal of this venture is not monetary gain, but to introduce and further my favorite sounds.

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You know, I seem to listen to music constantly. That is why I'm always searching for something new. I have a real need to find something different and original every once in a while, whether it be a new artist or new material from artists I'm already familiar with. Thats what I'm trying to do here. If I can only turn one person on to something they haven't heard before, then my station has served its purpose. Bored with your playlist? Has your horizon stagnated? Then go ahead. Listen. Expand...