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chill music online from Electric Expansion on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Clyde Rock
Location: Rock Hill, SC

For the past two years or so, I was introduced and have been addicted to everything under the broad umbrella of electronic music. I started out by coming to Live365 as a listener just like any of you. Then I scoured any source I could find to build my library. I consider myself a fan, collector, and now a purveyor of this music. The goal of this venture is not monetary gain, but to introduce and further my favorite sounds.
Favorite Artists

Weekend Players

Pretty Boy Cross Over
A real stumble upon for me, its lucky I found these guys. Geniuses that push the bounds of alt punk and electronic ambient at the same time.

LTJ Bukem
One of the first electronic artist I ever listened to who just happened to be one of the best in the drum n bass area. I found his style to be intense and very intelligent.

Kenji Williams

Ananda Project

Favorite Albums

Weekend Players - Weekend Players
This is the most perfect chillout album ever made IMHO. Every track has an effortlessly magnificent beat, smooth vocals, and timeless lyrics.

Ananda Project - Night Blossom
This is a remix album of Fire Flower. Its practically a clinic on how house should be done.

Favorite Broadcasters

This guy has put together an incredible lineup of uplifting chillout tracks from various downtempo masters. In fact its been my favorite station since I've been listening here.



From what I've heard, this guy has an affinity for the experimental- idm, minimal, glitch, techno, ambient (my God, I'm tired of dealing with all these genres). HEY! but he strings together nice cool set which is suprisingly chill and groovy.

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