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I am an actual radio guy in Jacksonville, FL. I am often accused of being stuck in the 80's and I wouldnt disagree. There was no better decade for music. We were discovering new things with music and everybody was having a good time. Born and raised right here in Jacksonville, although I have traveled the world. I have worked for almost every kind of station, from rock to country to sports talk. More info on me can be found on my web page Thanks for listening and if you have any requests or ideas, let me know! By the way, the pic is of me and Geoff Tate of Queensryche...

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AREV- Arena Rock Revolution Radio!!! Want to hear more, go to our website and listen for free!! Our station started on LIVE 365 and has just kept growing. This is what its all about! Remember the songs that used to be all over the radio? Well, here they are! Maybe even some you missed in their day. Its never too late to discover great music and hopefully you'll find it here! Any suggestions? Please send me an e-mail! Thanks for checking it out!! - Tim *** By the way, the pic is the Rock Revolution Radio listener of the week! Everyone say hello to, Ciara. Ciara lives in Miami, as if it needs to be any hotter down there! Her favorite Arena Rock Band is, Winger. Well, if I were Kip I would be heading to Miami for a meet and greet! Got someone that belongs there? Send me the pic through e-mail. Must be someone you know, no celebritites and must meet guidleines.