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pop metal/hair music online from Arena Rock Revolution on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Tim Kelly
Location: Jacksonville, FL

YAHOO: revolutionradio2006
I am an actual radio guy in Jacksonville, FL. I am often accused of being stuck in the 80's and I wouldnt disagree. There was no better decade for music. We were discovering new things with music and everybody was having a good time. Born and raised right here in Jacksonville, although I have traveled the world. I have worked for almost every kind of station, from rock to country to sports talk. More info on me can be found on my web page Thanks for listening and if you have any requests or ideas, let me know! By the way, the pic is of me and Geoff Tate of Queensryche...
Favorite Artists

Best band musically to come out of the 80's era

Bon Jovi
Good time band that, for the most part, stayed true to themselves and fans

Tension and talent...great combination

Iron Maiden
Are you kidding...the vocals and the driving bass lines!

A Greman band that not many have heard of, but great talents!