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classic rock music online from The Rock Doctor. on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: the rock doctor
Location: Weymouth, United Kingdom

The Rock Doctor internet radio station has given me the chance to do just what I've always wanted to do - Play at being your DJ!

The playlist of my station is changed often and I am adding more and more MP3's nearly every week. At the last count there were 80,000 MP3's in the playlist.

I play what I consider to be great music from the 60's and 70's, including many different rock genres all mixed together for your listening pleasure.

Please have a listen to my station I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

Click the center link button to hear the music.

You can contact the Doctor for requests or to just to ask me any questions at:

.... Enjoy!!

The Rock Doctor.
Favorite Albums

Steely Dan - The Royal Scam
I was in the right place at the right time.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
One of the most atmospheric sounds ever made as far as I'm concerned.

Led Zeppelin - First Album
back at school we were the first to use the new stereo in the music room, this album was one of the first to be played on it in `69.

The Rolling Stones. - Let It Bleed.
I love hearing the Stones going all country on us - I wish they would do that again...

The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers.
Bring back the summer of love - Don't tell my Nurses that please :)

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