DJ Profile
downtempo music online from Delicious Lo-Fi Lounge on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: toddiehh
Location: Hamburg, Germany

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Favorite Artists

Massive Attack
Unfinished Sympathy in the eartly 90s was one of the enabler of a whole new music generation.

Thievery Corporation
Great loungy remixes, nice compilations

Mark Farina
His "Mushroom Jazz" Mixes are the most chillin' sounds money can buy.

Kruder and Dorfmeister
Located in Vienna, Austria, they made their sound popular to a whole generation

Sexy Air.

Favorite Albums

Rockers Hi-Fi - Rockers to Rockers [1995]
Push, Push!!!

Air - Moon Safari [1998]
Nothing else to say...

St. Germain - Tourist [2000]
Old School...

Llorca - New Comer [2001]
Discovered by St. Germain.

De-Phazz - Death by Chocolate [2001]
Top Album - German NuJazz.

Favorite Broadcasters

This marvellous dutch boy... the sounds, it's actually smoooooth... check out "Chill Factor 100: One Hundred Percent Chilled Out"

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