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DJ: tomcat colvin
Location: Manila, Philippines

Tomcat is a US expat blues harp player, living in Manila since 1986. He has been active in the Philippine blues scene since 1991, performing first with the Newly Industrialized Combo [specializing in "industrial strength" blues] and later with Lampano Alley. For the past 15 years, he has been forging relationships with blues musicians all over Asia. In 2011, he was the catalyst of the new Philippine Blues Society, an affiliate of the Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN. Over the past few years, he has devoted himself to building the Blues Asia Network, which aims to foster the blues community throughout Asia and to bring Asian blues to the attention to the larger blues community. There is A LOT happening in the Asian blues scene. There are major blues festivals in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, India and Taiwan. Facebook hosts over 30 Asian blues communities. There are quite a number of bars around Asia that book live blues several times a week. And there are lots of open mic blues jams, if you know where to look. The Blues Asia Network has grown into a media network of sorts, with Blues Asia Radio, Blues Asia TV, a weekly email newsletter, an up-to-date gig schedule of the next 100 blues gigs around Asia, and website/blog which carries feature articles and a weekly summary of blues news around Asia and a Facebook page that posts breaking news. Behind all of this activity is a growing group of volunteer correspondents around the region. Here on Blues Asia Radio, you will hear ALL BLUES - ALL ASIAN. Treat your ears to something new. WEBSITE/BLOG: FACEBOOK:
Favorite Artists

A young Filipino blues band, featuring astonishing guitarist Paul Marney Leobrera

Ian Lofamia Blues Band--PHILIPPINES
Young Lofamia is perhaps the best harp player ever in the Philippines

Universal Blues Band--SINGAPORE
This pioneering band was the first from Asia to participate in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, back in 2001.

Shun Kikuta--JAPAN
The long-time lead guitarist for Koko Taylor, now living in Asia. Perhaps the pre-eminent blues guitarist in the region.

Tommy Chung--HONG KONG
An attorney by day, an excellent blues harp man at night.

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