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Hey ya'll, thanks for giving the ole Tonky Honk Cowboy a listen. This music is all about creating some damned good music to listen to while you're drinkin' your favorite adult beverage. I was brought up where drink was not the only thing you bought out of a fruit jar. They say green in your diet is good for you and I'm here to tell you I believe that to be the truth. I picked some favorites of yours, some favorites of mine, and cool tunes you might not have heard before. So, pour yourself a pint, pop a top, shake it, don't stir it, and grab them strawberry papers. Hey, you want to keep up with the strawberry market right? Hey, and check us out at Check your spelling on that. It's a work in progress but we have some pretty good draws on cool sites about our favorite subjects. Beer. BBQ. Boogie. That's the Tonky Honk Cowboy. Hang around. Pop a top. Light up the grill, light one up, and get lit! While you're at it, grab some of that great Effin, Texas BBQ sauce and crank these tunes up. I add new tunes all the time so ya'll come back now, you hear? BTW, as we ALWAYS say DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. My brother's a lawyer and told me to say that. But seriously, don't be stupid.