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reggae music online from Top Notch Hi Power on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Top Notch Hi Power
Location: Cape Cod, MA

It's been years in de business, from selecting and working with bands. Back in the middle 70's in Hartford, Ct. Berger Disco was started. Parties, weddings, private functions but the West Indian Club in Hartford, Ct. was the big push for me. working alongside Skyers Disco things started to get the name out there. The early 80's while playing the sound. Ardie Wallace brought me in the live scene. I started to work with live bands Evolution Band, Rydim Force and Cool Runnings in which It was the bomb. 1982-1999. Touring all over the world spreading the music in which I love to my bone. Yes, Top Notch Hi Power was formed in 1985. With Linky and Berger Dee started a sound to be now the sound to watch. Top Notch played all over. Now in 2009 still growing and learning the music that crew and myself love so much. From time to time we also promote big dances on the east coast. So here we are still speading the love to all of you. On Live365. On behalf of Frantz J,and myself Berger Dee Nuff Respect, Bless