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big band music online from Rat Patrol Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Torgen
Location: Tampa, FL

MSN: Torgen Magnusson

Torgen is a history/airplane nut. A fan of big band and swing, he originally put together this site for fans of "World War II Online" and others who groove to the beat that Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey and others laid down! Since then, the station has evolved into a living tribute to the sacrifice that the men and women of the Greatest Generation.

We have worked hard to provide a different experience with Rat Patrol Radio, mixing in recordings of actual news flashes from World War II. Special thanks go to James Kaelin of, for providing some of the remastered news recordings you hear here.

Favorite Artists

Benny Goodman
Truly a master, he brought jazz into the mainstream. No one could jump like he did!

Glenn Miller
What would Big Band have been without Glenn?

Django Reinhardt
This guy was tearing it up on electric guitar in teh 1930s! A true genius of the genre.

Favorite Broadcasters

Canuckteach Crooners- If you're looking for that smooth sound, from the 30s to the 50s and beyond

Fast Forward 25 years from WWII and groove to Radio Vietnam. Fantastic station playing the songs I grew up with!

Not Too Smooth Jazz- Awesome, pro-sounding station that's the perfect alternative to the smarmy corporate "smooth jazz" junk.

Golden Age Radio- If you're looking for the great OTR shows without the music! ;)

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