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children's/family music online from TOT'S RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Mrs. Q
Location: SUWANEE, GA

AIM: 1-888-498-TOTS
TOT’S RADIO was created for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. There are children radio stations out on the air but they focus on playing music for children older than 7. When listening to TOT’S RADIO you can hear fun and exciting music to get your little ones moving. Toddlers and Preschoolers use music as a way of developing motor skills and encourage musical interaction with their playmates. This music allows them to dance and learn everything from their number colors and alphabets all while having fun. While listening to TOT’S RADIO kids can tune in to a special segment called “TOT’S BUZZ” ,birthday shout-outs, prize giveaways and giving movie reviews on rated G box office hits! TOT’S RADIO interactive website,, offers a birthday club, story time, fun activities and upcoming event page. There is also a lullaby page that offer soothing music to help that little one fall asleep.
Favorite Artists

Laurie Berkner
Laurie music is fun and gets you moving

Imagination Movers
Imagination Mover tunes keep your little one busy by using their body!

Dane Zane
Fun and Exciting music with a twist!

The Backyardigans allows children to use their imagination

Ralph World
I simply love Ralph World!! His music is definitely interactive and keep the little ones moving

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