DJ Profile
trance music online from Z I A - T R A N C E on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Bob Trahpek
Location: Boston, MA


I'm an artist. I make kinetic-electronic-sound sculpture and fluorescent art.

I work with a psy production collective in Boston, MA called Sonic Beating. We do a monthly event called "Psyforia". I do the decorations and DJ.

I have also DJ-ed and shown my deco nationally and internationally.

I have some mixes of mine for downloading on the Zia-Trance website. Please visit this link if interested:
Zia-Trance mixes

Check out the Sonic Beating website for more info on me and my friends:
Sonic Beating web

Besides art and psytrance, I also like science (nature and space), movies (sci-fi and art house), drinking liquids(any), collecting (robots, clocks, masks).

Favorite Artists

Sooo psychedelic

Logic Bomb

Mr. Peculiar
Bad Ass!

Hard edged and old school

Very groovey

Favorite Albums

Trance de Eivissa - TIP Records
Unique and creative, In my opinion one of the best ever.

Masterminds - 3D Vision
Really good. Every track excellent!

Mekkanikka - Basic Tribal Pattern
I love it!

Scorb - Scorb (self titled)
Some of my favorite songs are on it.

Forever Psychedelic - Matsuri Records
One of my first and favorites.

Favorite Broadcasters

Excellent track selection!

Good dj sets!

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