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hard rock music online from GUITAR CENTRAL on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: trixi
Location: cleveland, OH

I am completely into instrumental guitar music. Heavy -to- Acoustic and all in between. Thanks for listening and sharing in my enthusiaum for guitar oriented music! ------ Please Email me with any comments or suggestions that you have regarding this station and type "Guitar Central" in the subject line, or I might disregard your email as "SPAM" (since we all get so much of it). -------- A very special THANK YOU to all who have listened, written, voted for, and continue to support my station! Also, those of you who have submitted your music for airplay! As of 3-17-09....I am currently NOT accepting any music submissions. Please check back in the future. Thanks. Rock On... Instrumentally! (Kudos to Reno!)
Favorite Artists

Inspirations and innovations....My all time favorite band.

Steve Morse
One of my very favorite 6-stringers.

MP is gone. Rest in Peace

Steve Vai
In a word....Amazing.

John Petrucci
No other guitarist makes my hair stand on end like he can!

Favorite Albums

Hemispheres - -Rush
Difficult to choose just ONE Rush recording.... 3 words...." LA VILLA STRANGIATO"

Physical Graffiti - -Led Zeppelin
Great from start to finish

High Tension Wires - -Steve Morse
A great representation of Steve...over all.

Misplaced Childhood - -Marillion
Great guitar and lots of heart wrenching stories.

Badmotorfinger - -Soundgarden
In my Top Ten "desert island" discs.

Favorite Broadcasters

I'm Irish. Need I say more?

80's metal

Like it sez...

I live with a surfer. Nuff said.

Good mix for the "at work" mode.

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