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DJ: Fear You Can Hear . Com
Location: Riverton Old Time Radio OTR, UT

MSN: troyrthayne@hotmail.
My Name is Troy Thayne I Live In Riverton, Utah I became visually impaired and legally blind While Serving In The USAF. After Working As a Medic In The USAF For 6 Years. I Started Listening to Old Time Radio and Loved it. For Blind People it's Like going from black and white to Color TV. I Thought Others Would Like It So For The Last 7 Years I Have Been Trying My Best To Provide old time radio Free To Others With Similar Disabilities Like Myself Our Sites For The Blind, Disabled and Sighted (Anyone Can Join)Small Donations Are Required For Healthy Folks Only 5.00 Per Month or less Cancel any Time. and both are sites created for Thayne Multimedia Services For The Blind and Disabled, Inc. Our Site is accessible via smart Phones LIke IPhonse and any that stream MP3's A non-profit organization for education and entertainment. Started In 2004 by myself and family My mission is to make old time radio entertainment accessible to those who can use it the most. Your Small Donations Give Free Access For The Blind, Visually Impaired And Disabled, and Now Offering Free Access To All Active Duty Military World Wide Your small donations help with keeping this site operational this site is non-profit. To become a donating member and have easy web access to 40,000 shows For Download Or Streaming. The MP3's Work on your IPhone Please Visit and Join The Over 4,000 Members. 2005 To Present Helping My Father and Parnter Create Free Access To Online learning solutions for learning foreign languages. 7 Languages Including: Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, French. (must use Microsoft Internet Explorer for 2005-2007. Finished Production of War Of The Worlds New Radio Drama A H.G. Wells Version or Retelling For Using a Great Blind Narrator. You Can Purchase and Download From: or Itunes or Get Your Free Copy By Becoming a FearYouCanHear.Com Member. Coming soon I Hope:) & Thanks for Listening to Our Station Here Contact Information Retired SGT. USAF Troy R. Thayne 12020 S. McDougal Drive Riverton, Utah 84065 Phone Me I would like To talk to you. 801-608-4556
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