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DJ: patrick
Location: Long Island, NY

We are the outlet for new artists that deserve recognition. Give us a few minutes and you will make this one of your favorite stations! Katie Todd, Alanna Cherote, Carbon Leaf, The Clues, Radhika, Wishing Well, Susannah Blinkoff, Abra Moore, Shimmerplanet, Laurie Jones, Casey Desmond, Julie Gribble, Becky Chase, Fransisca London, Dana Fuchs, Jason Plumb, Debbie Hennessey, Marta Pacek, The Roches, Vanessa Hoffman, Marianne Allison, Saratoga Park, Pale Stars, Olivia Greer, Dawn Lorentz, Kara Clark, Garrity, Rich Agata, Duffmonkeys, Amy Speace, Love Canyon Yodelers, Jason Liebman, Seneca, Blackfield, Sonya Kitchell, Waterhorse, Alacrity, Nina Gordon, Tina Malia, Odi, Black Betty, Adrienne Arno, Beth Hammond,Jeremy Enigk, Jen Foster, etc. If you have suggestions we would love to hear them. It is time for the next generation of hit makers to shine and we are doing our part to ensure that happens. If you do like what you hear please tell your friends.
Favorite Artists

Indigo Girls
Beautiful harmonies.

Carbon Leaf
If ever there was a band that deserved acknowledgement for their talent, this is one! Colorful and creative!

Sinead Lohan
Whatever it takes you to believe that she is no mermaid does not make you disillusioned. Beleive it if you like! Enough said!

The Roches
The most incredible harmonies I have ever heard. A group overlooked for far too long. They take everyday events and turn them into a magical experience for the ears and the mind.

God only knows why this band from the seventies was overlooked on the rock charts. After all these years, the songs are a pleasure to hear. This is one band I could never get tired of listening to.

Favorite Albums

The Roches - A Dove
Some of the most beautiful songs ever written!

Prism - Prism
Rock and Roll that never grows old.

Sinead Lohan - No Mermaid
There is something about that voice.

Carbon Leaf - Echo Echo
You would have to hear it to understand it!

Sinead O'Connor - Universal Mother
A chick that shaves her head!? Gotta love it!

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