DJ Profile
psychedelic music online from The Unstruck Sound on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Mark
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

We made our own station because we couldn't take it anymore. Somehow, quite mysteriously really, a handful of pedestrian Top 40 tracks have come to represent "The Sixties." But anyone with a few LPs from the era knows there's much, much more. The Unstruck Sound is an attempt to rediscover what we seem to have forgotten -- the long stuff, the heady stuff, the stuff that's just too challenging for traditional radio. In other words, what made the era so special in the first place. We play a large and unwieldy collection of all sorts of 60s & 70s gems, a lot of it live, covered, or off-kilter, so you can listen again, for the first time. It's the spirit of the era, uncanned, unfiltered, under-appreciated, but as alive as ever.
Favorite Artists

Bob Dylan
Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat.

Grateful Dead
The music never stopped.

Canned Heat
Don't forget to boogie.

George Harrison
Daylight is good at arriving at the right time.

Incredible String Band
Dust be diamonds, water be wine.