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BROADCAST MEDIA DIRECTOR - RICHARD VARRASSO After being one of the stage managers at the KSAN radio benefit at Yoshi’s in San Francisco last June 4th,2014; I realized I was the definitive product of my bay area roots instilled in me by my predecessors of the late 60s hippie rage in the Height Ashbury. At that time KSAN radio was born and brewed a new kind of mellower, less corporate style of New Age programming based on the bands that were present, had a recorded product and played in local venues. This created a music scene and the principal broadcasters of that important era were all present at this reunion. The programming genius of Dana Jang, the style of pitch from Richard Gossett or Dusty Street and the multilevel talented Terry McGovern, all taught us their trade by osmosis. In dealing with the many personalities of the air talent, the intricacies of the production studio or the controls of the management, I learned radio by being part of the business. But the era came where our creative input soon fell aside to corporate control, ad agency scrutiny and program directors greed entangled in the payola of the promotion. Soon these stations were brought up by major groups and control left town to a place unfulfilling to our local needs and desires. The market went from local to regional to global. So in order to join the Internet highway bandwagon, we have niched ourselves back into our local San Francisco California roots and program to our own heritage- classic rock and roll. We invented it. And- by the way we've all aged at this gig- we own the legacy rights! Janis, Jimi and Jim Morrison- I was too young. But most all of the others that hail from the bay I have promoted in one capacity or another. Now, I have the privilege to present the best of the bay 24/7 to the rest of the world via the World Wide Web on my radio show Famous Hits Live on the Live365 radio network. All of my gathered wisdom, intense business knowledge, countless studio hours and public presentations have all helped in making this the best representation of the San Francisco classic rock lifestyle! CONCERT PROMOTER - RICHARD VARRASSO Worked with BGP, and promoted dozens of concerts with major name headliners. Road Manager: Well traveled through-out the United States and several outside countries; was included in the management entourage. Artist Manager and Booking Agent: Managed Greg Kihn for eight years, Jimmy Lyon (Eddie Money, Tina Turner) for five years, Ron Thompson for two years, and is currently managing country music singer, Tom Wurth. Expert public speaker and panelist for music management. 25+ years experience in artist logistics and administration. Record Company: Assisted king-pin record producer, Mathew King Kaufman at Beserkley Records, and acted in several functions to the record company, including record production, publishing, manufacture, promotions and marketing. Founded Hip-Hop label New Vibe Music and Co-founded Big 7 Records, with California Lottery winner. Publishing:Owns Famous Band Music (ASCAP) and is partners on Big 7 11 Heaven Music (BMI) Friend of Diane Warren – Real Songs (ASCAP), Hollywood, Has experience in licensing, copyrights, publishing contracts, songwriter, and producer.

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Richard Varrasso - Radio Show Host Commentator Rich Varrasso has an extensive radio background but has never hosted a show until now. He spent the last 25 plus years on the road with concert production, artist management, and record label production. Working out of San Francisco, Hollywood and Nashville, he is well traveled and musically accomplished. He has his own band and still produces other artists. His accomplishments span through many marquis acts like Tina Turner, Eddie Money, Greg Kihn, Y&T, The Tubes, Gregg Rolie and Montrose. He is an avid Harley motorcycle rider and has rode with the best. He brings many live tapes, road stories and a lot of fun to the show! History: In the 70’s- Rich Varrasso worked for Pacific Broadcast Sales in San Jose, Ca Selling and designing ad schedules tied into a safety program for kids. In the 80’s- Rich Varrasso worked for Spot Productions in Campbell, Ca Producing dozens of event orientated radio spots with concept design In the 90’s- Rich Varrasso produced marketing events and concerts for major stations KSJO rock concerts, KOME concert fairs, KLIV Home and Garden fairs, KMEL free concerts at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco