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Welcome to the Vericast Network and the Vericast Podcast! Vericast is the hardest-hitting Catholic podcast on the ‘net. The backbone of the show is Truth (Veritas in Latin), and its mission is to inform and empower those who desire to ”Know the truth, Live the truth, and Be the truth”. Vericast brings you the unadulterated Truth given to us by the Holy Catholic Church; the one authoritative interpreter of sacred scripture, and the boldest, clearest, most correct moral voice in the world. Vericast is all about boldly, bravely, and proudly communicating the truth. That includes the hard truth, the inelegant, as well as the beautiful truth. It’s the full truth! The truth comes from God. We also come from God. And so the truth is as central to our existence as the air we breathe. But the truth is hard to find these days; marred and masked by a culture lost and confused in moral relativism, and ethical objectivity. The Church, being God’s beacon of truth on earth, stands in defiance of the lies and confusion that plague our culture. Vericast gives voice to the truths of Catholicism. Without compromise.