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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is Type Of Music Do You Play? A: We Play the music that you like to hear. Our Music Programming Director has been a Dj for over 10 years. So he knows what the people like to hear. That same music that makes you get up and dance at the club/party but for some reason does not make it to the top 25 songs your fav radio plays all day. We also give artist around the world another outlet to shine. So if you want to get your music player here email us at Q Does listening to cost anything? A: Well, the answer to that is yes and no. It is free to listen to our station. But like everything there is a limit. As we grow and get bigger our "free listening slots" are full. If you can't get in as a free listener, and you've listened before and would pay to listen, you can sign up as a VIP listener on Live365. Monthly packages are very inexpensive. However, we got some ways to go before we get there. Q: Can I tell my friends about A: Yes! Please tell everybody you know. This is the main way we grow. So please help us and we will continue to give you the music and programming that you have come to love. I would love for you to tell your friends. Remember Q: Can I make a request? A: Yes! E-mail your requests to Q: So why are you Doing this? A: A lot of people ask that. First, if you are from Columbus, Oh you grow to hate the radio. I was born and raised in Washington ,D.C. In D.C. there are like 5 radio stations that play the type of music that I like to here. I move to Columbus and there is only one radio station and they play the same music all day. You get the top 20 played all day long. So I decided to get with some friends and give the people that are in cities like myself good music.