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trip hop music online from DRAGON RADIO LOUNGE on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dragon Radio
Location: Snake Nation, Ascension Island

AIM: 555
We are DRAGON RADIO. We are Performer's, Dj's, Vj's and Artist's. We create Futuristic Opium Lounge club events, Fine Art, Visual Projection Installations and Musically Enhanced Spatial Environments. " assault will often be launched upon the senses. Light, colour, sound, scent will be deployed with an intensity that effectively usurps awareness of any other reality. Flickering candles, for example, a dazzling array of colours, chants, repetition, rhythmic effects, the smoke of incense will all be utilised quite deliberately, to create a general atmosphere of "otherness", a dimension divorced from the mundane world, a quality of enchantment." Please visit our Web Domain -WWW.DRAGONRADIO.NET . We play straight up head shot music. Music that enables you to travel anywhere in the known universe without moving. Imagine a futuristic opium den on Space Station Asia orbiting Alpha Centauri. That is our quality standard and our message. Peace from the mother ship.
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