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rock music online from KILR Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: KILR Radio
Location: KILR Nation, AZ

KILR Radio began in the early years of the 1980's as Radio 1990 from the basement of a boy named Chris. Later, he teamed up with an orphan who named himself "Radio 1990", and the two ran the station for several years. Radio 1990 added new call letters in 1990, and it became KILR FM: Radio 1990. After the station had mysteriously exploded in 1994, many years of silence had passed. It wasn't until an internet DJ by the name of "Starrfoxx" found the pieces of the station and rebuilt it. After modernizing it for the digital age, KILR FM: Killer Radio was launched on the internet on 01/01/11. A year later it was changed to KILR Radio and was moved to Live365. Through all the years, one thing has remained constant. The desire to entertain listeners with a wide variety of music, no rules, and anything goes.
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