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Every day is a surprise, and each surprise becomes a different station. Rock, pop, country, oldies, 80's, gaming ... you just never know. If you get bored with other stations, then give us a try. You never know what to expect!

About KILR Radio

KILR Radio began in the early years of the 1980's as Radio 1990 from the basement of a boy named Chris. Later, he teamed up with an orphan who named himself "Radio 1990", and the two ran the station for several years. Radio 1990 added new call letters in 1990, and it became KILR FM: Radio 1990. After the station had mysteriously exploded in 1994, many years of silence had passed. It wasn't until an internet DJ by the name of "Starrfoxx" found the pieces of the station and rebuilt it. After modernizing it for the digital age, KILR FM: Killer Radio was launched on the internet on 01/01/11. A year later it was changed to KILR Radio and was moved to Live365. Through all the years, one thing has remained constant. The desire to entertain listeners with a wide variety of music, no rules, and anything goes.

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KILR (Killer) Radio. Tune in for the widest & wildest variety you'll ever hear on the internet. It's a Russian Roulette of variety, where you never know what we'll play. And hey, that's more entertaining than stupid computer-generated playlists based on algorithms that come from Pandora Boxes covered with Spots!

We play hit music on the charts today, and we take it backwards through time to the early 1920's! It's your one-stop radio station for hits, album tracks, rock, country, pop, techno, dance, international, and many more genres. Then, we twist things up even more with themed shows such as "KILR Gamez" (music from video games & inspired from games along with retro gaming commercials), "KSIM Radio" (music from "sim" video games), "KILR Hitz" (worldwide all-time #1 hits), "Radio 1990" (our favorite tracks and albums from 1980-1991 with a sprinkle of our faves from the 60's & 70's), "KILR Khristianity" (Christian music), "KILR Kidz Klub" (children's music), and themed shows from 1920's, 30's, 40's, and 50's.

If that wasn't enough, we crank up the craziness with DJ hosted theme shows such as "The Killer 70's Show", "The Killer 80's Show", "Starrfoxx's Super Radio Show", "Howlin' Wolfman's Rock Show", "KILR Kountry with Kowgirl Katie Jackson", and "Peaceman Pete's Hippin' 60's".

Most importantly, don't forget our new music hour (6am, 12pm, 6pm Pacific Time) where we play all the hot hits in the Top 10 charts across the world trending now!

So, what are you waiting for? Listen now for the wildest, craziest, and most exciting adventure in radio!