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DJ: Wallaby212
Location: San Francisco, CA

dj wallaby212 is an aries who enjoys badminton, polo at the club and a chilled glass of courvoisier after meals. he appreciates sophistication and style without complexity. his aston-martin is silver.

he is a Brut man.

he brings you music because the voices in his head give him no other choice. the voices like the music that goes thumpa-thumpa-thumpa.

Favorite Artists

David Bowie
The musical chameleon who always makes himself at home in his new skin, whatever it may be.

No one writes songs like they do. They've mastered jagged riffs, complicated tambourine and powerful yelps. They cannot be denied.

Funk, pop, rock, nasty jams...all putty in his freaktastic hands.

Starflyer 59
Heartbreaking feedback, keyboards and vocals - but in different ways on every album.

They rocked and rolled me with their honest emotion and catchy hooks - I couldn't help but love them.