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classical music online from GREAT STRAUSS WALTZES on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: waltzking
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

No need to wear texudos or high heel shoes or any formal dresses. Simply tune into my radio and hear the Strauss family compositions played by various great conductors and orchestras - from Boston Pops to Vienna Philharmonic, from Arthur Fielder to Herbert von Karajan. Take your spouse/partner/friend/whoever or even grab a pillow and swirl to the music of the beautiful Waltzes (mostly by the Strauss family)! And, yes the Space Travel theme song "the Blue Danube Waltz" featured in "2001: A Space Odyessy" can be heard on my radio!
Favorite Artists

Johann Strauss Senior
Father started it all

Johann Strauss Junior
He took it to the greatest height

Josef Strauss
He was an engieer - but also a capable musician

Eduard Strauss
Don't forget him - He wrote the Race Track Polka.

Elvis Prestley
He is also the King (of Rock and Roll)

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