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classic rock music online from Radio Vietnam on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Nix
Location: Westerville, OH

I've always been interested in the Vietnam War; the battles, the music and the tension of the time. I want to help people experience things the way they were during the period with music, AFVN & speeches. This station isn't made to represent what was heard while In Country but the sounds of the era through out the country, world and troops in Vietnam.
Favorite Artists

Van Halen
No order on these. The band that got it started for me and the close tie between my classic rock & modern rock.

No order on these. I like most of their music.

Black Sabbath
No order on these. Who started metal? :) Iommi started the tone of the future.

The Beatles
No order on these. The Beatles (IMO) still influence todays music.

Jimi Hendrix
No order on these. Hendrix will always be one of the greatest guitarists.

Favorite Broadcasters

If you like Vietnam Era music for gaming, check out Rat Patrol for WWII gaming!

Atomic City! Just found this gem! :) Fits well with the pre-Vietnam War.


Ahh... The Coltraine, the Davis! Classic Jazz Corner delivers. :)

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