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DJ: Pastor Brenda Stevenson
Location: Charlotte, NC

Our CEO Pastor Brenda Stevenson is a Miracle Angel sent by GOD! In her own words... "I was so sick on life support over 30 days. Sent back to give hope, and to enhance the quality of life. Playing the very best in Inspirational gospel music, from such Anointed Artists. I am a messenger with the LORD's message; working through the power of the Internet, to the World. With hope and healing, playing music with the message in the songs. GOD will save you and Deliver you. GOD LOVES YOU ! GOD'S GOT IT!!!!!! "HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD"! Your Best is yet to Come. You haven't seen your best days yet! Keep listening to"
Favorite Artists

Marvin Sapp
Marvin Sapp sing DELIVERANCE songs Songs

John P Kee and New Life Community n Church Choir
John sing songs of Worship and Praise

J Moss
J Moss sing songs for this now Generation

Gerald Stevenson
Sings songs tat Bless All Generations

Brenda Stevenson
Sing songs that touches the HEART

Favorite Broadcasters

Pastor Brenda "Angel of Hope" Stevenson
Brenda Stevenson Plays the best Gospel Music in the World.

Steven "Da Professor" Phillips
Play Music that have a Inspirational Message

Kathy "JOY" Phillips
Plays Music that gives you JOY

John Orlanda
John Orlanda Plays songs where the message is in the Music.

Joyce Jefferies
Joyce Jefferies Music that helps you keep the FAITH

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