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Location: West Palm Beach, FL

In May 1993, Palm Beach County's first full power Christian television station signed on the air. An affiliate of the Christian Television Network, WFGC provides unique, wholesome, award winning programming for the entire family, and reaches a potential audience of over 1.7 million viewers. With family values being brought to the forefront today, WFGC offers unique, award winning programming which spans all socioeconomic boundaries and provides every family member with a wholesome Christ centered alternative to standard television fare. In addition to providing Christ centered, inspirational family programming, WFGC, through its affiliation with the Christian Television Network, also offers state of the art, high quality teleproduction services and studios which are available to meet your video production needs. WFGC partners with local churches, and has provided food, clothing, shelter, and financial assistance to needy families in our community. WFGC is part of an international community and its programming reflects the interest and concerns of its rich cultural mix. WFGC Television is under the general management of Mike Gonzalez, a veteran broadcaster with over 30 years experience in Christian ministry.