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....................................................................................WGTR MEDIA GROUP LLC produces music, pop culture, web, video & radio multimedia in America and the world. The company’s live multimedia events & conventions market and provide a social networking and entertainment venue for popular fiction enthusiasts of movies, TV shows, video games, technology, toys, social networking/gaming platforms, comic books, graphic novels and music. Its websites & radio stations offer sales, marketing, promotions, public relations, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities for entertainment companies, toy companies, gaming companies, publishing companies, marketers, corporate sponsors, and retailers. The company also produces weekly one hour radio shows from people of every walk of life. Wgtrmedia.com is a digital entertainment ad network platform that covers new and upcoming products and talents in the pop culture or music world. Its events & Comic Cons are marketed through various media outlets, including social media, Websites, public relations, radio, direct mail, email, flyers, and postcards. The company is based in Chicago, California. DOC A. CANON A CHICAGO RADIO DJ(UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME), STARTED HIS BROADCASTING CAREER ON WLS FM & WCFL FM IN THE 80'S MOVING ON TO MEDIA EDITING & PROGRAMMING IN THE 90'S. DOC HAD A DREAM OF CREATING THE ULTIMATE RADIO STATION, FUSING THE STYLE OF THE LATE WMET FM (CHICAGO) FORMAT WITH WLS AM (TALK) AND THAT OF DR. DEMENTO (SECOND CITY TV ON RADIO). A PLACE WHERE ANYONE COULD HAVE THEIR VERY OWN 1HR WEEKLY RADIO SHOW. ON WGTR THERE WOULD BE NO FCC,SO YOU COULD SAY AND PLAY ANYTHING ANY GENRE OF MUSIC WITH COMEDY & ORIGINAL SHOWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. IN 2003 DOC PUT HIS PLAN INTO ACTION GRAND THEFT RADIO GOT IT'S START ON CREATIVEWEALTHED.COM AN INFORMATIVE WEBSITE DOC CREATED FOR HIS CREATIVE WEALTH EDUCATION BUSINESS. IN 2004 GRAND THEFT RADIO WAS PUT TO THE TEST BROADCASTING 24/7 ON LIVE365.COM A YEAR LATER THE STATION WENT FROM GRAND THEFT RADIO TO WGTR "WORLD GRAND THEFT RADIO...STEALING THE AIRWAVES". WGTR GAINED NOTORIETY, IN 2005, AS CHICAGO'S # 1 INTERNET RADIO STATION AND THE # 1 HALLOWEEN STATION WORLDWIDE. IN 2006 WGTR HOSTED 23 ORIGINAL SHOWS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE. MUSIC SHOWS, TALK SHOWS AND COMEDY SHOWS LEADING WGTR TO BECOME THE ORIGINAL SHOW NETWORK IN 2006. BYE BYE LIVE365! APRIL 5TH WE ARE GONE FROM THIS PLATFORM! LISTEN TO US ONLY @ wgtrlive.com

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bye bye crappy live365! listen to us live @ wgtrlive.com