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hard rock music online from Hair Metal Heaven on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: wickedangel88
Location: Northern, AZ

I have been a hair metal/glam/80's rock fan for over 25 years. In that time, I have amassed quite a collection of music from the bands you hear on Hair Metal Heaven. The playlist currently contains 124 tracks from 52 bands, for over 8 1/2 hours of awesome music. I have also had the opportunity to see many of these bands in concert, meeting most of them, and becoming good friends with a few. In a nutshell, I would die if I ever went deaf, because music is my life. My ultimate dream is to own a live music venue in Las Vegas, NV. For now, I will settle for my Internet radio hobby, and sharing my music collection. I hope to upgrade to more storage space if Hair Metal Heaven becomes popular. I have tons of music I could share with you, but I have maxed out my storage limits. I sincerely hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do. Thanks for listening, and keep rockin'! \m/ Hair Metal Heaven, Tune in, turn it up, and rock out!!!!! You can also find Hair Metal Heaven on Facebook, and at